CSA Week 8


Well, summer is officially upon us. We are finding a need to irrigate in the field, which hadn’t been the case thus far. Harvesting is in full swing. We are currently picking beans, cucumbers, zucchini, and squash two-to-three times per week. To help us with this busy part of the season, a group of kids from VYCC (Vermont Youth Conservation Corps) lend a hand once a week.

The group varies in size but consists of students, ages 16-18. They work on a number of different farms throughout the work week. Most recently, they helped us move our silage tarp to another piece of the garden. This is the first time Alchemy has utilized this tool. It’s a polyethylene tarp that has been covering a portion of our newest beds for over a month, in order to clear any unwanted weeds and grasses. It requires quite a few hands to move, but the results are rather incredible. Beneath the cover, was a beautiful, fluffy soil prime for planting a second succession of kohlrabi.


I have been writing this while a storm passes over. Sun is shining once more, so onward to seeding micro greens!

New additions this week include our first Tomatoes (Cherry & Slicing) and ESCAROLE- a bitter green used in Italian cooking. We also have a more plentiful stock of the summer vegetables that were offered last Saturday. See you at market!





I have been on the prowl for delicious one-pot recipes that can be used for camping. My most recent obsession is with dutch oven pizza. It is a crowd pleaser for sure. Link is included that describes the method. This weekend my toppings included sliced mozzarella, whole garlic cloves, sliced tomato, chopped fennel, basil, and one of our purple peppers for a pop of color. Hope you enjoy!



Peppers turning red, melons ripening, and lots of eggplant this week!

Peppers turning red, melons ripening, and lots of eggplant this week!