CSA Week 13

Hi All,


Though I keep telling myself summer is a state of mind, Fall appears to be rapidly approaching. As if to affirm my suspicion, we had our first frost September 1st. Ground cherries, cherry tomatoes, and our second plantings of cucumbers and beans faced the brunt of it. Hopefully, with a cutting of the damaged foliage and a strong nutritional foundation, they will bounce back.

On a positive note, we harvested the entirety of our first succession of storage carrots. Our second planting of cabbage is coming along beautifully as are the broccoli and beets. Additionally, we harvested the first couple bushels of potatoes! We will have Purple Viking, Nicola, German Butterball, and Chieftain to share. Melons and both hot/sweet peppers are in abundance. We have been cutting and freezing the Carmen Peppers as a treat in the colder weather to combat the winter blues. Ask about bulk deals this Saturday.

Wishing you a great week, and see you at market!