We are excited to have on-farm pick-up through the winter of 2018-2019. Simply place an order online and we will have your veggies packed up and ready to go. Orders are due Tuesday at 5 pm for pick up on Wednesdays from 12 pm-7 pm. If you are an out-of-towner coming up on the weekend, we can likely make weekend pick-up work as well. Please email us at alchemygardens@gmail.com to confirm, or place an order and we will let you know what works!

Minimum order of $20. Orders of $75 or more save 10%

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Delicious flavor, great for general health including reducing risk of dementia and cancer. Roast, steam, pickle, boil.
Super sweet orange fall carrots.
purple, orange, yellow, and white carrots
Great for boiling or mashing. Delicious flavor.
Lowest glycemic index. Yellow flesh, great for roasting, all-purpose.
Beautiful purple skin, white flesh. Excellent for baking or mashing. One of our favorites!
Classic holiday veggie, wonderful boiled and mashed, or mixed with potatoes.
The Vermont state vegetable. Technically a white rutabaga with awesome sweet flavor. Roast, boil and mash, braise, etc.
Standard yellow onions
Fantastic winter squash with tender skin and sweet flesh.
Large dense green cabbage
Large green kohlrabi. Tastes similar to broccoli stems. Delicious raw with dip, grated into slaw, braised, roasted, or fermented.
Known for its cancer-fighting qualities, this long white radish is often eaten as a garnish, grated on the side. Great to add to kimchi, soups, or just for a bit of spice every day.
Pick up on-farm in Shrewsbury at 224 Frank Lord Road on Wednesdays from 12-7 pm. Contact us for directions or more info at alchemygardens@gmail.com or (802) 492-2087. For pick-up on another day of the week or weekend, please let us know below when you would like to come.